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Mission & Vision

At Mprise Agriware, we're all about helping horticultural companies excel with smart software and expert guidance. Our mission is to make work more efficient, enjoyable, and successful for you using Microsoft solutions.

Our Expertise

Our team at Mprise Agriware uniquely blends deep horticultural expertise with advanced Microsoft technology skills. Agriware 365 is built on the robust Microsoft Technology.

Our Team

For over 16 years, Mprise's growth has been driven by our expanding Agriware team. Their expertise helps our customers excel, from North America to Europe and Oceania

Our Approach

We offer a personalized and hands-on approach , supporting you throughout the process with our teams on-site and remote as well as through our E-learning platform
Together with our clients, we are on a journey – towards continuous professionalization and growth
Joop de Jong
Founder & CEO at Mprise Agriware
We help to excel

Our culture we embrace

People First  

Our talented team is our strength. We cherish each unique contribution, ensuring our workspace is buzzing with energy, respect, and collective achievement.

You Matter

We're committed to fair play in every deal and decision, creating an ethical and respectful work environment.


Creating genuine connections is at the heart of what we do. It's simple - we say what we mean, and we mean what we say.
Tackling fun challenges together with the Mprise teams
Throwback to our awesome Mprise Day! 🚣 From bonding on the lakes to tackling fun challenges together, we strengthened our team spirit.
Mprise Agriware got awarded with the Best Place to work Award!
Proud to work at Mprise!
Today, we bonded together and went over the plans for 2024!
An exciting year lies ahead! Although only 1/3 of Agriware staff could attend in person, we tried to bring our spirits together and got matching Agriware hoodies.


We provide future-proof solutions through standard software, delivered personally and with commitment, ensuring a personal touch
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Service desk

The stability and reliability of your IT environment are of the utmost importance for your primary process. We offer optimal support with our experts.
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We work proudly together with leading companies and Wageningen University to share knowledge about innovation in horticulture.
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