Financial Management

All-in-One Accounting, Budgeting & Reporting
Integrated Financial Management

Finance for plant production

Financial Control

Manage cashflow and be in control

Authorization and authentication safeguard your database against unauthorized access while defining user permissions. Business Central enhances financial reporting with customizable reports and auditing tools, including dimensional support for detailed analysis.

  • User-specific permissions for data access
  • Comprehensive tools for auditors and controllers
  • Fixed asset management
  • Invoicing and payment management

Stock Valuation

Know the value of your in-stock goods at any moment

Know the value of your in-stock hard goods at any given moment by integrating inventory levels with your financial administration.

  • Choose the costing method you prefer: standard, FIFO, LIFO, average, and specific
  • Live insight in stock value from the general ledger.

Work in Progress Valuation

Valuate running production batches at any moment

Valuate running production batches at any moment and integrate them with the general ledger to have a live financial representation of your work in progress.

  • Live insight in work in progress value from the general ledger
  • WIP calculation based on activity based costing

Budget Management

Precise financial forecasting

Keep track of your finances — monitor income and expenses, forecast cash flow and profits, and identify areas for cost reduction.

  • Forecast cash flow and profits
  • Directly import and export budgets to and from Excel with Business Central
  • Measure performance, have insights into budget vs. actual

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