Sales & Order Management

Centralize sales and boost margins
Order & Sales Management

Handle the entire order lifecycle

Customer Relations Management (CRM)

Centralize client communication, Identify opportunities

Manage customer relationships from opportunities to invoices

  • Manage all of your clients, vendor, and partner relationships
  • Identify leads and opportunities
  • Automate repetitive work – and save time
  • Automatically log sent emails, keep track of interactions

Sales Order Management

Sales based on real-time stock levels

Centralize the management of all your sales orders, with immediate insight into available-to-promise inventory.

  • Implement your specific approval workflows
  • Print and send order confirmations
  • Direct integration with Item availability provides live stock information

Contract management

Efficiently handle long-term contracts

Capture long term contracts and blanket orders with customers. Manage delivery schedules to make sure you deliver on time for the agreed prices.

  • Manage Blanket Orders with delivery schedules
  • Manage license contract, one-offs and prolongation.
  • Integrate with royalty management

Digital Orders

Connect seamlessly with clients digitally by receiving orders through EDI or an API interface.
  • Receive digital orders via webservice or e-mail.
  • Implement manual approvals if desired
  • Handle any format i.e. EDI, XML, JSON

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