Planning & Forecasting

Increase efficiency of resources & space
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Advanced planning on key areas

Agriware 365’s advanced precision planning feature allow managers to optimize recourses, space, and materials

Production Planning

Control the entire production process – from start to finish

Plan the production of high standard quality crops by considering growing areas, seasonal influences, and cultivation requirements.

  • Manage all production parameters and schemes in an easy way.
  • Plan production to order and production to stock.
  • Forward and backward planning.
  • Direct insight into required materials, labor, and space.
  • Take planned scrap and germination into account.

Labor Planning

Save costs by planning the use of labor and machinery

Labor planning is directly based on your production plan and can be adjusted to optimize the use of the available people and machine capacity.

  • Manage labor standards in a very detailed way
  • Plan labor for all your activities, direct and indirect
  • Capacity planning for employees and seasonal workers
  • Insight into actual performance to continuously optimize

Space Capacity Planning

Maximize the utilization of your space through advanced space planning

Compare the available space with the space requirements of your production plan. Adjust production parameters and climate configurations to achieve the optimal match.

  • Manage locations’ layouts fromthe largest area to every subsequent section
  • Compare required / available space (per climate regime/configuration)
  • Allocate production jobs to a location, section, or even specific floor or bench
  • Get a full overview with the graphical floorplan showing planned and available space

Material Planning

Generate purchase orders based on your production plan

Generate purchase orders and production jobs according to your production plan, while considering replenishment parameters like minimum stock levels and batch sizes.

  • Plan sourcing of all your materials, both soft goods (seeds, cuttings, young plants) and hard goods (pots, trays)
  • Create contracts with vendors based on your production forecast

Sales Forecast and Planning

Anticipate future trends using sales and production forecast

Record expected sales according to salesperson, region, and time-frame. Convert these details into a production forecast. Experiment with various scenarios to assess their impact on labor, space, and materials.

  • Create a sales forecast based on production group, type, or color
  • Import the sales forecast into an consolidated production forecast.
  • Promote a production forecast scenario to a final production plan

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