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Horticultural Companies using next-generation integrated Business Software from Mprise Agriware to efficiently manage complex processes and evolving market demands. Use one system to plan space and labor for both production and breeding trials. Ensure uniform management and gather growth, observation, and test data.

Breeding: Seamlessly plan, record, and analyze every step of your breeding operations.
Strategy & plan: Long-term planning to ensure adequate capacity, and operational daily tasks
Lot Registration: Log lot numbers of trials using Agriware Mobile Apps, repeat this process until market-read
Inspections: Inspect your hybrids, online and offline with mobile devices using the Agriware Mobile apps suite
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Benefits of moving to the cloud in Horticulture – what to know?
Understanding and Overcoming Horticultural Challenges – with Agriware 365
Mastergrowers: "7% more plants per meter thanks to spaceplanning"


Maximize your breeding processes with the power of Agriware 365. Seamlessly plan, record, and analyze every step of your breeding operations.  With Agriware's advanced capabilities, you'll have a clear overview of the available plant material at your fingertips

Strategy and Planning

Vegetable varieties, tailored to market preferences, take up to 15 years to develop with extensive trials. This complex process, spanning multiple locations and specialists, requires detailed planning. Agriware 365 streamlines this planning.

Lot Registration

After breeding, each cross gets a lot number and is logged in Agriware. Post-harvest, results are lab-cultivated. Based on the plant quality, the breeding may be repeated, beginning the process anew.


Eliminate paper documentation using the Agriware Inspect App. Record and store information easily on your mobile device, even offline, ensuring productivity without internet dependency.

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