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Tackle Cost, Labor, Sales, Logistics
Webinar Agriware Microsoft Cop
Surveys reveal that the majority of growers are primarily concerned with skilled labor, costs, efficiency, production, and optimizing the supply chain

Features key-business challenges:

  • Labor Efficiency : Strategies for cost efficiency and effective planning, including managing seasonal workers.
  • Supply Chain Efficiency: Strategies for efficient material planning: knowing when and what is needed. Just in time
  • Production Cost: Strategies to Reduce Costs: Implement activity-based costing, leverage real-time data from climate computers, and optimize space planning.
Garrett Walsh -  Business Consultant
With his extensive background in managing operations at large horticulture corporations across the United States, Garrett Walsh now specializes in helping these businesses go digital, making them ready for the future

William van Loenen - CPO
William van Loenen, involved from the start, leads in software innovation for horticulture and has been involved at developing software for the leading Horticultural Cooperation's for over 20 years.

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In our 55-minute webinar, we show and discuss how modern-day management software (Microsoft-based) is tailored to horticultural operations.
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