Minimize Scrap, ensure Uniform Plant Quality
Crop Management for Growers

Increase quality and yield through excellent growth control

Gather data from fields, warehouses, or greenhouses using mobile apps. Enhance production management by synchronizing this data with the office.

Scrap Registration

Lower scrap percentage — avoid overproduction

Using mobile apps you can log scrap on the fly. Improve waste reduction and avoid overproduction with advanced planning. Easily track the causes of waste to distinguish between leftovers, scrap, and quality issues

  • Plan for anticipated waste based on the specific situation
  • Document both expected waste and spontaneous scrap
  • Conduct root cause analysis of waste during the process

Plant Inspections

Ensure consistent plant health

Keep track of crop quality and crop health with planned and ad-hoc inspection. Capture your observations for a specific production batch or a complete area.

  • Register disease scouting observations and pest trap counts
  • Generate quality and growth reports; compare with expected values.
  • Plan follow-up activities such as an extra check by a crop technician or a specific treatment

Plant Recipes

Manage the exact production recipe per crop

Determine specific production requirements for large scale and trial quantities. This includes growth times, climate requirements, treatments, period inspections and crop maintenance

  • Manage production schemas and BOMs efficiently
  • Specify required conditions, treatments and maintanance
  • Manage seasonal influences

Germination Counting - AI

AI-powered seedling counting

Count your germination effortlessly using the Smart Seedling Count module, which enables staff with less experience to conduct counts by simply photographing the trays, without moving them.

  • Ease of use: Anyone can use the App, no specialized expertise is required.
  • Efficiency: No need to move trays - measure directly with smartphone or tablet.
  • Consistency: Reliable data, no matter who performs the measurements.
  • Accurate data: Receive detailed size reports, including leaf area for each seedling.

Crop Treatments

Integrate crop treatments into your production schedule

Incorporate the planned pesticide sprays and fertilizer applications into your production schedule. Record the planned and actual application for tracking, tracing, and stock management.

  • Plan treatments based on the production plan or ad-hoc
  • Manage recipes and dosages
  • Track and trace applied treatments per production batch
  • Applying treatments to specific batches or entire locations

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