Agriware & Track32 launch AI seedling counting with Inspect App

Agriware & Track32 launch AI seedling counting with Inspect App

Mprise Agriware and Track32 launched a new AI application for germination counts during Propagate 2023. Seedling assessment no longer needs to be time-consuming and error-prone.

Track32 and Mprise Agriware collaborated to develop an application to automate and improve germination counting.

With the Mprise Inspect App, employees can manage inspections and capture data on quality, health, growth, and yield throughout the plant's life cycle. This includes plant and variety scouting, disease scouting, germination counts, quality checks, trial recording and control, and yield inspections. The new AI application is an extension of the app to provide automated germination counts.

Track32 provides AI solutions for research and business purposes. They develop software for a broad spectrum of applications ranging from computer vision in agriculture and horticulture to autonomous driving.

Assessing seedlings can be a time-consuming and error-prone task, but our application greatly simplifies this process. Here's how it works:

  1. Take a picture of the tray with seedlings.
  2. Advanced deep learning AI technology automatically analyzes germination rate, accurately counts and records inspection data.
  3. This data integrates seamlessly with Agriware production planning, so you're always up-to-date.

Additionally, our app provides early warnings of schedule deviations, so you can keep production processes running smoothly.

no-Detection vs. Detection



Measure seedling germination with the Agriware Inspect App:

Ease of use: Anyone can use the App, no specialized expertise is required.
Efficiency: No need to move trays - measure directly with smartphone or tablet.
Accurate data: Receive detailed size reports, including leaf area for each seedling.
Consistency: Reliable data, no matter who performs the measurements.
Early insight: Optimize your supply chain with early growth trend data

Assessing Plant Trays

Lifting, placing, and repositioning the trays – about a hundred per week – is time-consuming. De Graaf says, "Moreover, the assessment must always be done by someone with cultivation knowledge. While they are actually needed for other tasks in the nursery: they are essentially our most important employees. And not to forget: someone can be more alert one day than another. Therefore, the judgment can vary daily. Whereas a computer’s judgment is always consistent."

More reliable and objective information

De Graaf is highly positive about the new system, praising its ability to provide reliable and objective information. He notes the efficiency of the computer, stating, "The computer is always right." Thanks to the enhanced image recognition, they now have access to crucial information much sooner. "In the past, it took us about ten weeks to determine how many seeds had germinated; now, this information is available in just six weeks." De Graaf also expresses a hope for future improvements: "It would be great if the model could predict which seedlings won't mature into usable products."

Our main goal is efficiency: the app allows anyone to count germination without moving the tray.

Van Egmond Lisianthus: 'Mprise Agriware maakt onze processen beter  beheersbaar'
- Dorus de Graaf, Van Egmond Lisianthus
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