Inventory Management

Track & manage greenhouse inventory
Inventory Management for Growers

Immediate stock oversight

Agriware 365 Inventory Management ensures immediate stock oversight and accurate tracking.

Real-time Inventory Availability

Identify potential shortages

Gain visibility into your real time inventory and accurately forecast future stock levels. Intercept impending shortages and take the necessary action. Quickly determine the location of each stock item.

  • Monitor stock for hard goods and storage locations.
  • Manage stock for plant materials in cold storage, greenhouses, or open fields.
  • View projected stock levels over time.
  • Determine what crops need to be increased, decreased, or eliminated from your product mix.

Accurate Availability

Know the products’ availability for sales

Know exactly how much is available for sale; right now, tomorrow or next months. Sales items’ availability is precisely updated by use of projected receipts, expected production, and supply chain processes.

  • Live insight in sales availability on short and long term
  • Accept sales orders based on accurate sales availability
  • Vendor managed inventory
Item Availability for plant nurseries


Purchase & produce exactly what you need — Just in Time (JIT)

Purchase and produce exactly what you need, just in time. Replenish signaled shortages easily by purchasing extra (plant) materials or increase the planned production to meet the demand.

Replenish inventory with automatically created purchase orders. Replenishment systems are based on actual inventory, product demand, and availability using built-in intelligence, sales forecasts, and expected stock-outs.

  • Generate purchase proposal for hard goods and living base materials
  • Manage reordering policies per type of item
  • Manage inventory across multiple locations

Track & Trace

Easily trace the complete history

Track all movements and easily trace the complete history of a batch or shipment at a glance. This enables you to trace batches, individual trays, and even specific plants

  • Trace the complete origin of certain stock.
  • Trace allocated usage of seed lots in a single click
  • Know the location and time stamp of all production batches, as well as the batches that were adjacent.


Maintain consistent quality

Continuously monitor the quality of your products. Quality checks on incoming plant materials or outbound shipments can be conducted with ease.

  • Inspect quality if received (plant) materials
  • Take samples of production output
  • Direct insight into required materials, labor and space.

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