Agriware 365 Analytics

Business Data Analysis for Horticulture

Agriware 365 Analytics

Clarity on underlying data — make informed decisions

Prevent missing key data patterns

Without data analytics, businesses risk missing key data patterns, spending too much time on manual analysis, falling behind competitors, and making decisions based on unreliable forecasts. Advanced data analytics is key to drill into the details and examine trouble spots.

Comprehensive Reporting: Get key reports on sales, finance, production, inventory, margins, stock flow and more for a complete overview.
Make Informed Adjustments: Change your approach on the fly using up-to-the-minute information that keeps you flexible and focused.
Discover Trends and Predict Outcomes: Identify emerging trends to enhance predictability and leverage insights
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Agriware 365 Analytics

Deepen your understanding — gain insights on bottlenecks

Role-Based Dashboards
Our ready-to-use dashboards are designed for different roles, making it easier to analyze, monitor, and manage horticulture operations effectively.
Uncover inefficiencies and costs
Enhance decision-making with trend analysis from historical and market data. Location managers uncover inefficiencies and profitability by tracking customer trends. Production managers detect process issues against plans. Cost accountants oversee daily costs like heating and lighting.
360-degree view of your organization
Unify all your data in one spot for a complete 360-view. Turn this data into knowledge that deepens your understanding of every aspect of your business.
Actionable Intelligence
It's not just about having insights — it's about what you do with them. Use clear data interpretation to promptly guide decisions and actions across your organization.

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