Loading & Shipping

Streamline picking, racking, and shipping
Optimize Order fulfillment

Make efficiency gains in Logistics

From reducing cycle times to optimizing shipping costs, our solutions are proven to make significant improvements in operational logistics.

Rack Optimization

Calculate optimal racking – modernize your workflow

Optimize your loading and outbound logistics processes using planning and optimization tools. Plan according to region, crop type, or timeslot, and adjust the processes accordingly.

  • Generate smart load order proposals
  • Easily optimize the load of rack, carts and pallets
  • Follow individual load carriers during the process
  • Combine multiple sales orders on a load carrier


Structure the picking process according to the scheduled shipment items

Organize the picking process based on the goods to be shipped. Bring traceability to a higher level by registering the batches picked for an order.

  • Generate a pick proposal
  • Batch pick items, or pick to order
  • Register picked batches or location picked from to allocate batches FIFO

Packing and Assembly

Deliver on on the customer expectations

Compose or assemble products based on the orders specifications and customer preferences.

  • Pack in batches or pack to order
  • Integrate with the hard goods inventory


Print all paperwork from a single place  
  • Print tags, labels, packing slips, etc.
  • Print or send Bill of loading, Airway bills, CMR, etc.
  • Integrate with all printers and Bartender printers
  • Direct insight in required materials, labor and space.
  • Take planned scrap and germination into account.

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