Manage greenhouse workfloor using mobile apps

Manage greenhouse workfloor using mobile apps

Introducing Agriware 365 Operations - your essential tool for managing the dynamic work floor. Amidst the planting, potting, moving, and delivering of plants, along with crop maintenance and more, coordination is crucial. While Agriware 365 Business Central handles daily planning, Agriware 365 Operations ensures the work floor operates efficiently.

Agriware 365 Operations isn't just an app; it's a comprehensive work floor solution. It empowers you to manage various tasks, including Job Work Orders, crop treatments, picking, packing, loading, and indirect activities like cleaning and pruning.

With this work app, your site manager can seamlessly allocate tasks among teams, monitor progress, and enhance productivity. Team leaders and individuals can easily record their actions and gain real-time insights into their assignments.

Work App Interface

Here are some supported processes:

  • Team Planning: Efficiently manage teams, considering team size, specific team members, their skills, and capacity. Assign various tasks based on skills and available resources.
  • Work Registration by Team Lead: Team leads can efficiently manage their teams, with 'My work items' providing a clear list of tasks in order. The app enables them to register time (start/stop) and results directly.
  • Work Registration by Operation: Specialized tasks, such as forklift operations or sowing, have dedicated to-do lists, allowing operators to register their results.
  • Collaboration on Activities: For complex tasks requiring multiple actions by different teams or individuals, the app facilitates coordination. For instance, sowing activities involve sowing and tray placement by different personnel, with batch numbers and locations recorded.
  • Ad-Hoc Registration: Easily record spontaneous movements, scrap, and the number of deliverables.

Take Control of Your Workplace Efficiency Today! Solutions such as mobile workfloor apps for horticultural operations can significantly enhance efficiency.

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