User-Centric Implementation

Our Approach

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User-Centric Implementation

At Mprise Agriware, we guide you through every step of implementing the Agriware Suite with Microsoft's SureStep methodology. This structured approach ensures a smooth and successful integration of our solutions into your agricultural operations.

Our team comprises highly skilled and seasoned consultants specializing in the horticulture industry, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience. Their expertise is underscored by a proven track record and recognition for their achievements in Microsoft-certified training modules.

Diagnostic Phase: Preliminary Assessment

In the initial stages, we focus intensively on evaluating the alignment of Agriware with your organization. Our goals during this phase are to:

  • Collaboratively assess how well Agriware fits your needs.
  • Define objectives and explore potential solution paths.
  • Confirm the software's suitability for your operational requirements.

Analysis Phase: In-Depth Exploration

Following a successful diagnostic phase, we proceed to a comprehensive analysis where we:

  • Craft a detailed blueprint and project strategy.
  • Review business processes alongside key users to ensure a full understanding.
  • Present a preliminary solution and discuss any required adjustments or custom developments.

Design Phase: Tailoring and Training

This phase is dedicated to empowering users and fine-tuning Agriware, involving:

  • Targeted training for key users based on documented processes.
  • Evaluating and deciding on custom development strategies.
  • Initiating the creation of detailed work instructions by key users.

Configuration Phase: System Integration and Testing

With customizations complete and work instructions in hand, we move towards:

  • Conducting an integrated system test with your data.
  • Transitioning data from legacy systems to Agriware.
  • Executing the developed customizations.

Roll-out Phase: Training and Transition

With the system configured, the focus shifts to user readiness and system adoption:

  • Training end-users through well-prepared key users.
  • Implementing a thorough "go-live" strategy.
  • Optimizing the user interface and confirming the launch schedule.

Production Phase: Launch and Support

Finally, the system goes live with robust support mechanisms:

  • Executing a definitive data conversion.
  • Commencing actual use of the software with complete support.
  • Providing aftercare to ensure a smooth transition and address any immediate issues.