Mprise Agriware establishes a direct presence in Australia and New Zealand

Mprise Agriware establishes a direct presence in Australia and New Zealand

Mprise Agriware is expanding its local presence in Australia and New Zealand. Starting January 2024, Mprise will directly handle its own implementations. Previously, customers from Oceania engaged with Mprise Agriware through our Microsoft Partner, Fujitsu, and have successfully integrated the Agriware ERP software into their Horticulture operations.

We are looking forward to expanding our market reach," shares Marc Knulst, CCO, emphasizing, "The delivery and implementation of horticultural management software requires not only technical competence but also a profound horticultural expertise." Additionally, We aim to improve our service to existing customers in the region.

In light of this, Mprise Agriware is establishing a direct presence in Oceania, mobilizing a specialized team of consultants and extending support from its India-based team.

Still, we see many advanced horticultural growers that do not have the right systems and processes in place to meet customer and business demands. This is holding their business back from their growth potential.  

Implementation is a fundamental process that can redesign your process fundamentally. You can operate more efficiently as you gain visibility into possible improvements and minimize input errors through adept mobile solutions.

With a heartened presence in Australia and New Zealand, we move closer to growers, ensuring that their journey is supported, their challenges acknowledged, and their operations primed for a future of growth and prosperity.

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