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Horticultural Companies using next-generation integrated Business Software from Mprise Agriware to efficiently manage complex growing processes and evolving market demands.

Holistic Management: Coordinate with suppliers for timely deliveries and optimize space, labor, and finances.

Efficient Production Flow: Streamline processes from forecasting to delivery, ensuring alignment with demand.

Real-Time Tracking: Manage, measure, and monitor crop performance instantly.

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Benefits of moving to the cloud in Horticulture – what to know?
Understanding and Overcoming Horticultural Challenges – with Agriware 365
Mastergrowers: "7% more plants per meter thanks to spaceplanning"
Customer Stories

Mismatched Excel files lead to inaccurate stock levels

Son & Koot, with 60+ employees, has grown into a successful nursery of their award-winning Japanese maples and exclusive plants
cultivated across several sites.

The company faced significant challenges with its planning processes, which were primarily conducted using multiple Microsoft Excel files that failed to communicate with each other, leading to inaccurate stock levels.
The implementation of Mprise Agriware has revolutionized Van Son & Koot's operations, particularly through the use of iPads for work logging. This allows for real-time updates to the system from the field, enhancing visibility
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Customer Stories

Dalat Hasfarm, Asia's largest flower producer, flourishes with Agriware 365

Dalat Hasfarm thrives with a vast 220-hectare greenhouse, 4,500+ employees, and sister companies in Japan, China, and Indonesia. This positions the Hasfarm Group as the top flower producer in the Asia-Pacific region.
When asked what Agriware Software currently helps the company most with, CEO Aad Gordijn replied, "The most important thing is 'backward planning.' We start with the sales forecast and Agriware helps us calculate the space requirements for mother plants, planting dates of cut flowers and potted plants, space allocation and harvest dates. We also get real-time inventory updates and information about our production performance."
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Customer Stories

Royal van Zanten integrates its farms and standardizes daily processes with Agriware

"With over 1,200 employees, Royal van Zanten is an international leader in the breeding and propagation of cut flowers and potted plants," explains Ernst Barendregt. "With sites in 12 countries, it is important to have 1 source of truth to maintain concise communication
The updated Agriware 365 suite integrates Resource Planning with mobile apps (Operations) and dashboards with insights (Analytics).
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