Agriware 365 Operations

Manage Greenhouse Operations end-to-end

Manage operations with hands-on devices. Save time, space, materials, clicks, and manual handling.

Agriware 365 Operations

Powering your operations

Our software optimizes all your greenhouse operations, from sowing and cultivating to delivery.

Time Tracking

Log activity and track time of your workers to allocate labor cost.


Schedule activities that need to be carried out and assign workers to tasks.

Crop Inspections

Get in control of crop health and quality by real time inspections and followups

Real-time Inventory

Manage allocations, inventory movements, and growth phase changes.

Work floor Ops

Log to-do's, monitor scrap and log crop maintenance such as sowing, planting, cleaning etc.


Streamline operational logistics by optimizing picking, racking and shipping.
Time Tracking
Crop control
Work floor Ops
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Inventory Management

Log inventory movements, scrap, and growth phase changes

Track hands-on scrap, inventory movements, and growth phase changes. It aids growers in managing on-the-fly inventory tasks throughout a plant's lifecycle, be it in greenhouses, fields, or warehouse. This encompasses relocations, transfers, scrap recording, and ready-for-sale order reporting

  • Monitor scrap on-the-go
  • Track growth phases
  • Allocation registration and ready-for-sale order reporting
  • Log crop maintenance, sowing, sticking, planting, harvesting, picking, collecting, and treatments


Streamline shipping process – using mobile apps

Empower your warehouse and logistics teams to monitor real-time inventory movements, covering counting, packing, picking, racking, and shipping processes seamlessly.

  • Digital pick-orders
  • Automate packing for efficiency
  • Track finished orders, loaded carts, and racks
  • Improve picking and tracking based on inventory
  • Easy optimization per order, customer, region, or shipping timeframe
  • Log and match ready production batches with customer orders, accounting for preference

Manage to-do's and teams

Schedule activities and assign to workers

Make optimal use of the workforces by scheduling all activities and assign teams or individual workers. Monitor the workers progress real-time.

  • Assign work & tasks
  • Schedule teams and task
  • Monitor the workers progress real-time.
  • Manage your staff and team capacity


Quality Control & Scouting

Keep track of crop quality and crop health with planned and ad-hoc inspection. Capture your observations for a specific production batch or a complete area.

  • Plant & variety scouting, disease scouting
  • Germination counts using AI technology and deep learning
  • Quality checks on crops and inventory
  • Trial registration & monitoring along with yield inspections

Time Tracking

Track time and allocate labor cost

Enable every employee to log ad-hoc time on work floor, anywhere, anytime. Track job time as specific as possible, to enable detailed cost price calculation and performance analysis

  • Track attendance
  • Log activity and track productivity
  • Manage timesheets, overtime, payment rates
  • Export to payroll systems

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