Royal van Zanten: Accelerates with new cloud version Agriware 365

The Re-implementation of Agriware 365 Cloud involves overcoming integration and standardization challenges across a multinational framework.

Royal van Zanten: Accelerates with new cloud version Agriware 365

Royal van Zanten: Accelerates with new cloud version Agriware 365

Royal van Zanten: Accelerates with new cloud version Agriware 365

The Challenge

Integrating diverse international operations into a unified system, standardizing processes, and adopting new Microsoft technologies.

The Journey

Collaborative efforts with Mprise Agriware to implement Agriware 365 suite, continuous innovation, and adaptation.

The Result

Improved decision-making with enhanced insights, streamlined global operations, and a robust technological foundation for future growth.

Ernst Barendregt, CFO Royal van Zanten: "We are ready for the new possibilities of the advanced software Agriware 365. We are heading towards an integrated way of working. We call this the 'Royal Way of working'.

We aim to implement more standardized processes

"We want to see more standard processes and integration with our farms internationally," says Barendregt. "This way we can quickly manage our processes in the Netherlands, farms in Uganda, the laboratory in South Africa and production in Colombia. Together with the team of Mprise Agriware, we have made great progress in recent years to make processes more streamlined with the help of software. Agriware offers us in-depth insights that allow us to make better-informed choices. This enables us to improve our quality and increase our margins. The use of the latest Microsoft technology, including Business Central and Azure platforms, is anticipated to provide a solid foundation for future expansion and adaptability."

Latest Microsoft technology offers much more

Mprise Agriware: "We are proud to have worked with such a leading company as Royal van Zanten for many years. Now it is time for the next step. In order to align all processes integrally, Royal van Zanten will largely use our standard product. The updated Agriware 365 suite integrates ERP with mobile apps (Operations) and dashboards with insights (Analytics). All of this is based on the latest Microsoft technology from the Business Central and Azure platform. This gives Royal van Zanten a wonderful solid foundation for the future."

  1. Collaboration with Mprise Agriware: Royal van Zanten has been working closely with Mprise Agriware to streamline processes through software solutions, indicating an ongoing partnership and continuous development.
  2. Utilization of Agriware 365 Suite: The journey includes the adoption of the Agriware 365 suite, integrating ERP with mobile apps and dashboards. This integration is a critical step in achieving the 'Royal Way of working.'
  3. Continuous Innovation: The journey is marked by continuous innovation and feedback, with Mprise Agriware providing expertise specific to horticulture, which is vital for Royal van Zanten.

Foto: Joop de Jong, CEO Mprise Agriware (left) Maarten Goos, CEO Royal van Zanten (right)

"With over 1,200 employees, Royal van Zanten is an international leader in the breeding and propagation of cut flowers and potted plants", explains Ernst Barendregt. "With locations in 12 countries, it is important to keep the lines of communication short. The team of Mprise Agriware contributes to this by continuously innovating and thinking along with us. Thanks to the roots of Mprise Agriware in horticulture, we notice that they know exactly what they are talking about."

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