Changes in Management Team Mprise Agriware

Changes in Management Team Mprise Agriware

2023 started with some shifts in the management structure at Mprise Agriware. Read more about who you can expect to see as the face of each department at Agriware. Some faces are new, but most of them will be familiar to you. A good moment to send you an update about our management team, written by CEO Joop de Jong.

'Never a dull moment' at Mprise Agriware. That, in a nutshell, is what we are experiencing at Mprise Agriware. Not only has the recent corona crisis and the various other crises of the moment had their impact on Mprise Agriware. But on the other hand it is also true that, on an increased level, we are being seen and appreciated in many places around the world other than just the Netherlands. So for 2023, we expect the growth of our organization to come mainly from abroad. We also recently established a branch in Canada - Ontario.

This seemed the right time to take a close look at our management structure. There are some changes to report about which we would like to inform you.

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From left to right: William van Loenen, Joop de Jong, Marc Knulst, Sander Paternotte

Sales & marketing

First something about the management of the sales and marketing department. As you probably know, Ronald de Uil has left our organization as of January 1. His position has been taken over by Marc Knulst. Marc's main focus in 2022 has been developing the US/Canadian market for Mprise Agriware. Marc has years of executive level experience in horticulture. With this switch, Marc has become ultimately responsible for global sales and marketing within Mprise.

Services: implementations, optimizations, customization, service desk

The second main pillar of our organization is Services: implementations, optimizations, customizations and the service desk. Until recently, this branch was managed by two people: Sander Paternotte focused on implementations, optimizations and the service desk, while Johan van Ginkel focused on the development of customizations. Since January 1, the service branch worldwide has been managed by Sander. The consultancy branch in the Netherlands and the service desk is since then in the hands of Teun Kralt.


Teun (photo left) is a familiar face for many of our customers at Mprise Agriware. He has more than earned his spurs as a consultant in sales and implementations. In his new role he can now apply his knowledge and experience to his own team. Johan van Ginkel will remain responsible for customization. The consultants abroad and the project managers will still be managed directly by Sander.

Product development


The third important pillar of our organization is product development. As of January 1, our product manager William van Loenen also has line responsibility for the product development department. This department deals with the development of the various Agriware products: Agriware 365 Business Central, Agriware 365 Analytics and Agriware 365 Operations. The first two products are maintained and further developed in the BC team led by Henk Rietveld. Agriware 365 Operations (also known as Agriware Apps) is being developed by the Operations team. This team is led by Arno Hogervorst (photo on the right). Like William, Arno is also known to many because they both stood at the basis of the Agriware product within Mprise Agriware.

In short, with a team full of knowledge and expertise, we are ready for you as our customer. Together we have only one goal: to help horticultural companies worldwide to work even more efficiently, using integrated software. This is what motivates us to get the best out of ourselves and our clients every day.

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