How to maximize your crop's yield with mobile apps?

How to maximize your crop's yield with mobile apps?

It is impossible to grow anything without the supervision of a crop technician. Having these people on staff will ensure proper growth and quality for your organization. But, since no one knows absolutely everything, it would be nice if we could help them a little bit. Through the Inspect app, our goal is to help you and your crop technicians do their jobs a little better every day.

Seamlessly integrated with the office

Since the Inspect app is part of the Agriware 365 product suite, it integrates seamlessly with any other section in your company using Agriware. The user can easily access information about the variety, production batch planning, and other relevant historical data based on the permission granted.

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With this technology, the crop technician has access to information from anywhere and on any device. He can capture measurements, scouted diseases, expectations and other observations.

Process examples supported by the Agriware Inspect app

Plant & variety scouting: Register new discovered varieties, including their characteristics and pictures. Insight in life cycle status of scouted varieties, such as sample, scale up, production and retired.

Disease scouting; Register discovered diseases related to a variety, a production batch or a certain location. Based on the observation, a follow-up action can be planned.

Germination counts: Perform (planned or ad-hoc) germination counts. You can update the lot-information and update the planning automatically.

Quality checks: Perform quality checks on inbound logistics, outbound logistics, samples and production batches.

Trial registration & monitoring: Follow trials in a structured manner to make a reasoned decision whether to move on with a variety.

Yield inspections: Capture yield estimations and update planning accordingly.

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Sync your operations with mobile apps

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