Mprise Agriware Partners with Corvus: Less Waste and Shortages

Mprise Agriware Partners with Corvus: Less Waste and Shortages

Manual inventory and plant counting are among the most time-consuming and error-prone activities. This often leads to wasted resources and financial losses when not done accurately. What if software technology could bridge the knowledge gap for the workforce and automate repetitive tasks using modern technologies?

The Power of Integration: Mprise Agriware & Corvus Drones

We believe software can significantly ease these processes. That's why Mprise Agriware has partnered with Corvus Drones to offer growers a solution where drones feed data into the Agriware Business Central ERP system. These drones perform automated flights to count the germination of young plant

This approach allows for real-time optimization of results, refinement of production planning, and improved stock accuracy. Integrating accurate data is crucial for enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.

This is only one application; there is much more to explore. Let's dive deeper.

Auto-updates Availability and Planning

"Drones have the potential to transform horticultural operations and eliminate time-consuming tasks," says Frans-Peter Dechering from Corvus Drones. By providing precise plant counts and assessing crop uniformity before transplanting, the partnership between Corvus and Agriware leverages the power of combining field information with office planning, sales, and inventory management.


  1. Accurate counts: Drone-based software ensures perfect plant counts. Assess crop uniformity before transplanting
  2. Reduce labor time: Automate time-consuming manual counting tasks, freeing up workers for higher-value activities.
  3. Save on Seeds: Minimize over-sowing and waste. Measure performance of purchased seed.
  4. Auto-update Stock Availability: Proactively identify potential shortages and take corrective actions.
  5. Integrated Production Planning: Improve purchasing and save on resources – time, space and labor.

How the System Works

  • Auto-Fly: Corvus Drones autonomously conduct inspections and counting.
  • Data Import: Inspection data is automatically imported into Agriware ERP.
  • Inventory Updates: Agriware updates stock availability in real-time.
  • Recalculation: Updated inventory data is used for precise planning and yield forecasts.
  • Germination Analysis: Provides expected germination percentages for future batches.

This streamlined process offers insights into potential shortages or surpluses, detailed germination analysis per seed lot or vendor, and a comprehensive overview of stock availability.

Beyond Counting: Additional Applications

But that's not all. Here are additional applications:

  • Measure the readiness stage of growing plants, allowing propagators to know exactly when their plants are ready for delivery.
  • Quickly scan barcodes to locate plant batches, ensuring efficient inventory management.
  • Detect crop anomalies, enabling timely interventions that can save entire batches from potential issues.


The partnership between Mprise Agriware and Corvus Drones represents a significant advancement in horticultural technology. By auto-import collected data into Agriware, growers receive detailed reports on seed and plant performance, which improves production planning, purchasing, and resource savings.

By connecting drone-mapping with Agriware, it proactively identifies potential shortages and waste, updating stock availability and locations. By doing so, it saves significant resources, reduces handling and labor costs, and offers valuable insights into future purchasing needs.

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