Meet the Agriware team | 5 questions for Pascal van der Wijngaart

Meet the Agriware team | 5 questions for Pascal van der Wijngaart

Our motto at Mprise Agriware is: people first. Our customers and colleagues come first with us. Who are the people behind Agriware and what motivates them? Meet Pascal van der Wijngaart, Mprise Agriware consultant focusing on the North American market and living in the Netherlands. Pascal: "This makes me the odd man out as I am part of the team of foreign consultants but still regularly attend team meetings of the Dutch consultants and am responsible for a few customers in the Netherlands. 
My time abroad is spent on pre-sales projects together with the sales team, doing new implementations and coaching (new) colleagues where necessary."

  1. What do you like to do in your leisure time?
    "In my free time, I enjoy going into nature. On weekends I like to watch a soccer game of my daughter or play a soccer myself. Going to a pub or concert with friends is something I like to do on a regular basis."
  2. What makes horticulture an interesting world for you?
    "It is a world that is always in motion; innovation is in the industry's DNA. That, combined with the mostly no-nonsense culture and pragmatic outlook, suits me just fine. I grew up between tulips and cauliflower and started my career in horticulture. After a failed attempt to leave the sector, I can truly say with pride that I am married to the horticultural sector."
  3. What Agriware moment will you always remember?
    "This question does not have just one answer, so I will name a few. Before I joined Agriware, I myself was a customer of then Indigo Solutions (the predecessor of Agriware), this was 15 years ago. What is better than doing an implementation as a customer and experiencing for myself that with Agriware you can REALLY phase out a lot of the Excel sheets, increase effectiveness and in the process gain hugely valuable insights from the consistently stored data? Another example is that after my first employment with Mprise Agriware, and at the time working for an Agriware customer, I attended a seminar where William (van Loenen) presented the new implementation methodology. Mprise would move away from the traditional "this is how it works" to putting the user and the process at the center. For me that was THE moment to start the conversation with Mprise Agriware about a new employment, because after all it is about supporting people in their business. Super cool to experience for over four years now that this is really what we do at Mprise Agriware!"

  4. To which place do you prefer to go on vacation?
    "A place I haven't been before; seeing new things and meeting new cultures is one of the best things about going on vacation for me. So I certainly don't experience the many business trips as an obligatory work expense, but I really enjoy them.
    During vacations, I like to first seek out the hustle and bustle of the city, and then find the peace and quiet of nature to unwind. Taking long walks, eating good food and ending the day with a good wine or cold beer."
  5. What do you like to watch or listen to? (Music / film / art / books)
    "When I watch television it is usually soccer or Formula 1. I always have music on with the genre depending on the mood, which can range from psychedelic trance to hard rock and everything in between. I also like to play artists I have seen live on repeat, currently that is the case for the album 'Profusion of Thought' by Antimatter."


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