Apps: Synergy between Office and Greenhouse and Field

Apps: Synergy between Office and Greenhouse and Field

The role of technology in revolutionizing the horticultural industry is immense. It has transformed traditional methods into more efficient, tech-driven processes. Let me take you back to a different time, years ago, when my siblings and I used to work with my father on his corn farm. We had to record the results of the task assigned to us with a slate board and white chalk. We would receive a reward in the form of money and locally manufactured cookies from my father after he had collected all our slate boards and put the results together at the back of one of the slates. It always fascinates me to see that all these crop production-related activities can now be performed easily with software applications. Now, the industry benefits from various software applications that streamline production planning and management. However, a gap exists in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, primarily catering to middle management and often overlooking the needs of supervisors and field workers who form the majority in this sector.

Empowering Field Processes with Mobile Applications

Mobile applications have become pivotal in supporting field activities. They offer a simpler and more efficient way for tasks assignment and result recording, which in my father's old days, would have significantly eased our work. These apps not only facilitate task management but also help in conserving resources like labor and raw materials.

Usage of Mobile Apps by Field Workers

Field workers now use mobile apps for a variety of tasks including production inspections, crop treatment, scouting for new varieties, pest and disease detection, and general field observations. These apps also aid in managing time spent in the field more effectively.

Bridging the Gap Between Office and Field Workers

While modern ERP systems offer flexibility, they still fail to fully support different business roles, leading to a disconnect between office managers and field workers. The reliance on separate applications for field and office tasks creates data sharing challenges, barely progressing from the traditional methods I described earlier.

Integrating ERP with Mobile Applications

Some software developers are addressing this issue by integrating ERP with mobile applications. This integration allows field workers to perform their tasks on mobile devices and seamlessly share results with office managers through the ERP system. Activities can be planned, executed, and reported back using a unified system, facilitating better time management and ad-hoc task handling.

Our Offerings for the Horticulture Sector

At Mprise Agriware, we provide a comprehensive solution that blends ERP functionalities with the flexibility of mobile apps. Our system facilitates planning, production management, and post-harvest activities, ensuring seamless communication within the supply chain. Our field apps, like Agriware Inspect and Agriware Time App, integrate closely with our ERP system, allowing for efficient data sharing. Agriware Inspect, for example, enables field observations to be recorded and utilized for future decision-making, enhancing yield and crop quality. This synergy between modern ERP systems and field apps effectively bridges the gap between office management and field workers, a significant leap from traditional practices to modern technology-driven agriculture.

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