What’s New in '24? Chat with Grower ERP System

What’s New in '24? Chat with Grower ERP System

At Mprise Agriware, we leverage Microsoft’s innovations while working closely with growers to tailor our software to their needs. As May arrives, a month known for birds laying eggs, Mprise is excited to deliver a new update for Agriware 365.

This first release of the year is packed with new features and improvements to increase productivity. In this newsletter, I will highlight some key topics. To get all the details, register for the upcoming webinar.

What will Business Central 2024 R1 bring? Great things: More productivity and more streamlined management

Chat with your ERP

With Copilot for Business Central, you can now easily chat with Agriware 365 Business Central. For example, you can ask about the last invoice sent, get an tutorial how to use Agriware Business Central, and create pivot tables from any list screen and generate sales orders.

Easy work order registration

Every month we make our apps a little better, to best support every user on the shop floor. Right now, the focus is on improving work order registration. Whether it's sowing, transplanting, spacing, grafting, or picking for delivery, for each process and role there is a screen that best suits the activities.

Log activities for better decision making

Match order composition to availability

It is every plant grower's challenge: the perfect match between available plants and orders. We've grasped this problem. A new screen helps the user to adjust the order composition to availability before the plants are picked. This could be a replacement item, or a slightly different mix ratio.

Item availability on sales order

Over the past term, we have worked hard to improve the visibility of item availability based on current stock and expected stock. This insight is now also available on the sales order. A new fact block shows the availability of the product on the delivery date as well as a period before and after. So you know immediately if and when you can deliver an order.

Item availability on sales order

Generate price lists

In 2023, we introduced the new module 'advanced selling prices'. This functionality allows you to build prices from price components, for example: base price + transport surcharge - customer group discount. Through preferences, you can set a price per main group or a surcharge per region. We have now simplified the method of creating price lists based on these settings. Via a worksheet, you can easily generate new price lists for the next period, for example.

Generate price lists

On-premise or Cloud?

Business Central 24 is available for both cloud and on-premises. The functionality in both versions is the same except for Copilot. Copilot is only available for Business Central in the Microsoft Cloud. With that, it is clear that the cloud version will rapidly evolve in terms of AI and the on-premises installation will lag behind it.

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