Gipmans Young Plants Excels with Agriware Software

Discover the story behind Gipmans Young plants adoption of Agriware. With 45 hectares of operational space, Jos Gipmans shares insights into why they chose this innovative solutionthey optimizes greenhouse and field-grown produce with Agriware , fostering integrated, efficient operations and boosting communication and employee engagement."

Gipmans Young Plants Excels with Agriware Software

Gipmans Young Plants Excels with Agriware Software

Gipmans Young Plants Excels with Agriware Software

The Challenge

Facing end-of-life software, Gipmans sought a modern solution. Collaboration with other growers led to the Agriware team

The Journey

Collaboration was key, as they engaged in intensive communication with other nurseries to ensure the selection of a modern, stable solution that would meet their evolving needs.

The Result

The new integrated system provides enhanced communication with their relationships, detailed financial management, increased insight, and greater control over operations.

Propagator Gipmans specialize in greenhouse and field-grown vegetable and herb plants. The company produces large homogeneous batches of plants on approximately 45 hectares.

Utilizing fully automated production lines, Gipmans ensures efficient production, guaranteeing consistent quality and uniform growth tailored to each customer's specific cultivation conditions. Through intensive collaboration with customers, they optimize cultivation together, with innovation as a key focus.

Innovation also motivated the development of new business software for the Gipmans Group.

Situation: In 2009, Gipmans faced the end of life of their software; Tria+ for production and Tria Fin for finance. The software partner intended to discontinue these products due to knowledge being concentrated in one employee, posing a significant risk for Gipmans.

Gipmans sought a new software provider to develop a "new standard" for plant nurseries. The software needed to be modern, stable, and preferably selected in collaboration with other plant nurseries.

"We considered collaboration important and therefore had intensive communication with other plant nurseries," said Jos Gipmans, Director at Gipmans Planten.

Result: Gipmans is satisfied with their choice of Agriware Microsoft Dynamics solution.

"We now have an integrated system that allows better communication with our relationships, detailed financial management, increased insight, and, most importantly, more control. Decentralized data processing also offers benefits. The production worker is responsible for registration, improving engagement. We see that employees are more motivated to come up with questions and think about possible solutions themselves."
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