The Mastergrowers, first to adopt brand new Greenhouse App

Easily scanning work floor operations with tailored Operations Apps to keep track of all movement, phase changes and more within the cold store, greenhouse and field on our 2 sites.

 The Mastergrowers, first to adopt brand new Greenhouse App

The Mastergrowers, first to adopt brand new Greenhouse App

 The Mastergrowers, first to adopt brand new Greenhouse App

The Challenge

In the old system we worked a lot with customized add-ons

The Journey

Switching from customization to using standard applications

The Result

Easily scanning work floor operations with tailored Operations Apps

One of Agriware's customers, The Mastergrowers, produces high-quality Hydrangeas. A few months ago Mprise Agriware and The Mastergrowers embarked on a new adventure to migrate from NAV to Business Central (in the cloud). But that is not all, a joined team of Agriware and the Mastergrowers worked to replace their former Mobile NAV app with the modern-day Operations App. Time for a chat with Robin van Dijk, co-owner and Alex Boom, planner and data-analyst. In what ways have The Mastergrowers benefited from the the new Greenhouse app?

Robin van Dijk: "The reason for us switching from Navision to Business Central was to keep up with current market trends. Also, with 2 sites, it works a lot easier and more efficiently from the cloud instead of a local server at one company. In the old package, after switching to Navision, we worked a lot with custom add-ons. In the new package, we also had a choice: do we continue with the customization or use standard applications? "We chose standard applications with Mprise because Mprise handles the service and maintenance, making it a cost-effective option in the long run."

As a result of having the Operations app installed, we are now able to keep track of all movement within the cold storage, greenhouse and field.

Alex Boom is The Mastergrowers' planner and data analyst. "During the implementation of BC (Business Central), we chose a standard application as a solution. That gave us the opportunity to re-examine the process: what are we actually doing, what do we need?

On the one hand, it is order-driven, and on the other hand, ad hoc movements can now also be perfectly supported with the app. That is faster, more efficient, less error-prone and just better for everyone."

Robin van Dijk adds: "We want to be able to do the logging as close to the process as possible, this is less error-prone. And with this, it also gives us insight into how we are doing in terms of inventory."

We have experienced the collaboration with Mprise during the development of the greenhouse app as very positive.

Collaboration with Mprise Agriware

"App development was handled by a separate team; this cooperation went very smoothly. Mprise visited several times, also with the developers, to see how the process is physically put together. That helps in understanding what we do and what we want supported", explains Alex. "We talked every week, and it was honest contact. Being able to express to each other that you did or didn't do something, that you misunderstood or remembered something, the Agriware team being honest about being in scope or not in scope. I experienced working with them as very pleasant."

Benefits working with Greenhouse app:

  • Agriware handles the entire production operation cycle. From starting material to delivery and administration.
  • Acurate data on inventory movements: In the greenhouse, field, and cold storage area, all movements and operations are recorded efficiently and effortlessly.
  • Quick scanning & logging: All movements are recorded with simple scanning and recording. Automatically syncs with the back office for better planning and forecasting.
  • Book changes: Booking lot changes used to be a long and heavy process. With the Greenhouse app it is much faster and it takes less effort to manually record information.


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