Propagator Van Egmond Lisianthus: Using Agriware our products are more traceable

Van Egmond Lisianthus, a Dutch company, excels in producing young Lisianthus plants, leveraging IT and automation for efficient growth and traceability, in partnership with Mprise Agriware, enhancing processes and management.

Propagator Van Egmond Lisianthus: Using Agriware our products are more traceable

Propagator Van Egmond Lisianthus: Using Agriware our products are more traceable

Propagator Van Egmond Lisianthus: Using Agriware our products are more traceable

The Challenge

The primary challenge faced by Van Egmond Lisianthus was to efficiently manage and scale their production of young Lisianthus plants, while ensuring accurate traceability and inventory management, within the constraints of their existing team size. This required the implementation of a new IT system that could handle the complexities of horticultural production and support their growth ambitions.

The Journey

Van Egmond Lisianthus upgraded their IT system with Mprise Agriware, focusing on horticultural needs. They chose a Microsoft-based solution to improve efficiency and traceability in plant production. This strategic move allowed them to manage growth without expanding their team, involving a careful evaluation of costs, benefits, and system integration, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and streamlined management processes in their specialized industry.

The Result

As a result of the IT upgrade with Mprise Agriware, Van Egmond Lisianthus achieved significant improvements in operational efficiency and product traceability. The Microsoft-based system allowed them to effectively manage a large-scale production of Lisianthus plants, enhancing inventory control and process management. This led to increased productivity and growth capabilities within their existing team structure, demonstrating a successful integration of technology in their specialized horticultural business.

Van Egmond Lisianthus: Specialists in Plant Production

Van Egmond Lisianthus specializes in producing young Lisianthus plants for both Dutch and international growers. Dorus de Graaf from the Rijnsburg-based company explains, “We start by sowing plugs and, after twelve weeks, deliver plants that are 7 to 10 cm high.”

Annual Production and the Role of IT

The company produces several hundred million plants annually. IT plays a crucial role in their operations. De Graaf notes, “Understanding what we have in stock and what's available for sale over time is essential. Knowing exactly what we’re sowing each day helps us meet our delivery commitments. If any issues arise, we can quickly address them and maintain control over our processes.

Advancements in Automation

Our latest automation advancement allows us to scale up our operations while maintaining our current team size. This reduces the need for manual list management and enhances product traceability. We’re now able to precisely track what we deliver and what remains in stock. This capability also enables us to promptly respond to any issues and efficiently manage our processes.

Choosing the Right Software Partner

When we decided to upgrade from our old IT system, we began exploring new software options, focusing on IT providers specialized in horticulture. This led us to Mprise Agriware. As De Graaf stresses, “It’s important to work with a provider that understands our needs and can offer robust support. It’s equally crucial for us to understand our own requirements and limits. Developing and implementing a new IT system involves continuous evaluation.

Evaluating Costs and Benefits

We considered various factors, such as cost and potential benefits, and whether there were alternative approaches. Our collaboration with Mprise Agriware was marked by a strong connection from the outset. We ultimately chose a comprehensive, expandable package based on Microsoft software, which also integrates with our back-office system.

Successful Collaboration and Future Plans

Reflecting on the partnership with Mprise Agriware, De Graaf expresses satisfaction, highlighting their horticultural expertise and solution-oriented approach. “It’s important to remain vigilant throughout such a process. Our financial administration has been migrated, and our CFO is very pleased with the change. Since September 1st, we’ve been using the new system in production. This ensures accuracy in sowing the right variety for each batch, eliminating any surprises later on.

Optimizing Processes and Overcoming Bottlenecks

We’re confident that our IT system will help us identify and address bottlenecks more effectively, particularly in adhering to product standards. After successfully going live, we plan to explore additional integrations to further optimize our processes, including connections with suppliers, internal workflows, and customers.

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