Van Son & Koot | Shrubs and Plants using Agriware 365 Software

Van Son & Koot, renowned for its extensive range exclusive shrubs, faced planning challenges with disjointed Microsoft Excel files leading to inaccurate stock levels

Van Son & Koot | Shrubs and Plants using Agriware 365 Software

Van Son & Koot | Shrubs and Plants using Agriware 365 Software

Van Son & Koot | Shrubs and Plants using Agriware 365 Software

The Challenge

Van Son & Koot struggled with disjointed planning processes using multiple Excel files, leading to inaccurate stock levels.

The Journey

Guided by Jordi Gijsbrechts, they sought a comprehensive ERP solution, finding Mprise Agriware, which offered a holistic approach to their needs.

The Result

The implementation of Mprise Agriware revolutionized operations, improving real-time updates, decision-making, and showcasing a commitment to innovation.

Van Son & Koot, under the guidance of Jordi Gijsbrechts, excels in the production of garden plants, particularly known for a large selection of Japanese maples and other exclusive shrubs and plants that have garnered awards. The company faced significant challenges with its planning processes, which were primarily conducted using multiple Microsoft Excel files that failed to communicate with each other, leading to inaccurate stock levels.

In pursuit of a solution, Van Son & Koot embarked on a search for a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software package capable of supporting their unique needs. Gijsbrechts highlighted the difficulty in finding a solution that encompassed all aspects of the business, from finance and labor registration to production planning, with a particular emphasis on the latter being a rare find. The selection of Mprise Agriware stood out for its holistic approach, offering a total package where all components are interconnected. This integration means that adjustments made in one area, such as cuttings, automatically update related data, such as the number of salable items in the future, addressing a key issue they faced with their previous system.

The implementation of Mprise Agriware has revolutionized Van Son & Koot's operations, particularly through the use of iPads for work registration. This allows for real-time updates to the system from the field, enhancing visibility and allowing for more informed decision-making. This technology supports long-term planning while maintaining flexibility for short-term decisions, optimizing space utilization and task scheduling.

Gijsbrechts expressed a strong sense of satisfaction with Mprise Agriware, not only for its comprehensive solution but also for its forward-thinking approach. The company values the involvement of growers and customers in the development of future advancements, a testament to its commitment to innovation and collaboration. This strategic choice in software reflects Van Son & Koot's dedication to excellence and its forward-looking vision in the horticultural industry.

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