Webinar Series

US Growers Discuss the Impact of Software
Greenhouse Growers surveyed the largest U.S. greenhouse operations to understand their reasons for implementing technology and identify areas with the greatest potential.

Apart from infrastructure, 70% of respondents emphasized the importance of computer software for inventory control, automating repetitive tasks, and tracking and tracing.

Our clients share their experiences

  • Overcoming Initial Challenges: Discover the difficulties encountered before adopting an integrated ERP solution, including managing disconnected systems like Excel.
  • Evaluating and Implementing ERP Systems: Understand the key considerations in selecting and implementing an ERP system and its impact on planning farm operations.
  • Daily Operations and ERP Benefits: Learn how an ERP system can serve as the backbone for inventory, sales, client management, and shipping, addressing key operational challenges and optimizing production.
Hosted by:
Garrett Walsh -  Business Consultant
With his extensive background in managing operations at large horticulture corporations across the United States, Garrett Walsh now specializes in helping these businesses go digital, making them ready for the future

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In this webinar series, US Growers Discuss the Impact of Software and tell us how modern-day software (Microsoft-based) is tailored to their horticultural operations.
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