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Horticultural Companies using next-generation integrated Business Software from Agriware to efficiently manage complex growing processes and evolving market demands.

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With Agriware 365, powered by Microsoft Dynamics, you gain control over all aspects of greenhouse management and operations. This helps prevent errors common in Excel, enhances quality, and maximizes margins. Elevate your operations by optimizing planning, purchasing, sales, finance, inventory management, production, and intelligent analytics in a unified system. Avoid data silos by seamlessly integrating diverse data sources into Agriware 365 Business Central for deeper insights.

What is ERP Software?
ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and it is a powerful software solution designed to integrate and streamline various business processes across different departments. With ERP, you can effectively manage operations, finances, inventory, sales, and more from a single unified platform.
Agriware 365 Operations

Powering your operations

Our software optimizes all your greenhouse operations, from sowing and cultivating to delivery.
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Time Tracking

Log activity and track time of your workers to allocate labor cost.

Back-office Solution

The all-in-one business solution for purchasing, sales, accounting, and inventory management.

Plant Health

Log plant diseases, Gain insight into your crop health with mobile crop inspections.

Inventory Management

See what's available for sales. So you never over or undersell again.

Work floor Ops

Collect real-time information
on work floor activities like potting, movements and more

Strategic Planning

Improve the efficiency and utilization of space, labor, time, and materials.


Streamline operational logistics by optimizing picking, racking and shipping.
Time Tracking
Crop control
Work floor Ops

Experts Webinar

New: Understanding and Overcoming Business challenges with Agriware

Surveys reveals us that the majority of growers are primarily concerned with skilled labor, costs, efficiency, production, and optimizing the supply chain, among other issues.

Garrett Walsh (Agriware Business Consultant) and William Van Loenen (CPO, Mprise Agriware) discuss and shows us how modern-day management software can help you overcome these challenges.

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