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Agriware is tailored for propagators operations


Comprehensive Management of Plug & Liner Production

Continually refine your planning and operations by integrating easy mobile entries, like plant inspections, with performance and climate metrics.

Planning and control: Agriware offers tailored software for propagators, optimizing production for indoor and outdoor crops including vegetables, flowers, and ornamentals

Efficiency & Precision: Maximize spatial efficiency, ensure timely actions, and meet precise customer demands

Data-Driven Refinement: Continually refine your planning and execution by integrating easy mobile entries, like plant inspections, with performance and climate metrics.

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Benefits of moving to the cloud in Horticulture – what to know?
Understanding and Overcoming Horticultural Challenges – with Agriware 365
Mastergrowers: "7% more plants per meter thanks to spaceplanning"
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Align with customer demand – vegetable plant propagation

Agriware is tailored to the complexities of both long-term and day trading, it anticipates production demands. It streamlines sales forecasting, cultivation planning, and related scheduling
With a focus on optimized planning and operations, we offer valuable insights into costs, ensuring profitability.
Young Ornamental Plants

Align production with expected sales

Our management software is designed to support a propagation process where quality and customer commitments take top priority. It ensures complying with hygiene standards, facilitates specific crop treatments, and assists in the accurate timing for plant spacing — all crucial elements for optimal growth.
Align production with expected sales. Agriware ensures real-time visibility of workforce, machinery, and material capacities. You'll always know batch locations and space availability at a glance

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